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marsim - program to simulate the mar research 345mm Image Plate Detector



marsim [ -port PORT ] [ -s(wap) ]


marsim is a program to fully simulate the mar research 345mm Image Plate Detector System. This program is useful to test, debug or demonstrate software to operate the scanner and the base (e.g. mar345, scan345). Note, that there are 2 versions of scanner electronics which operate differently. Accordingly, the scanner driving program "mar345" comes in 2 versions. Program version < 1.0 operates on scanners with serial numbers < 044. For marsim, accordingly, there are 2 versions as well. Version numbers < 4.0 only work together with version < 1.0 of program mar345!


-port PORT
Use BSD port <PORT> rather than the default (4123 for program version < 4.0 and 4441 for all others). After quitting marsim, the operating system may disallow usage of the same communication port for a limited time period. To overcome this problem, another port may be used, but also the connecting program (e.g. mar345, scan345) then has to use the specified port. -s(wap) Swaps bytes when reading input commands or sending status and data. This needs to be done if the driver program (mar345) is run on SGI and marsim is run on DEC/Linux or if both marsim and mar345 are run on DEC/Linux. This flag is only available for program versions >= 4.0.

Program Operation

marsim has to be started before starting its counterpart. marsim is a TCP/IP-server that listens to connection requests to the given port. It accepts commands through a socket interface and writes simulated scan data on the data port.


marsim -port 4441

See Also

mar345, scan345


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