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marmux- is a X11/Motif based graphical user interface for operating the Xenocs/Genix micro-focus generator.


marmux [ -h ] [ --help ] [ -s ] [ --simulate ] [ +s ] [ -x ] [ --gui ] [ -v ] [ --verbose ] [ -host HOST ] [ -port PORT ] [ -type TYPE ] [ HOST ]


marmux is a graphical user interface (GUI) to operate the Xenocs "GeniX" generator. The generator can be controlled by a PC via a TCP/IP-socket interface. See section NETWORK SETUP and REMOTE MODE for more details.


-h, --help
Provides a summary of the options.

Hostname (or IP-address) to use for the the Xenocs generator
Default: --host

Use LOGFILE as log file
Default: -log $MARLOGDIR/marmux.log

-i, --interval MS
Update generator status every MS milliseconds.
Default: -i 1000

-p, --port PORT-NO
Socket port number to use for the Xenocs generator.
Default: -p 502

-s, --simulate
Start program without hardware connected.
Default: try to connect to hardware.

+s, +server PORT-NO
Run program in TCP/IP-server mode, i.e. accept input from other applications on port PORT-NO.
Default: do not offer a TCP/IP-socket.

-v, --verbose
Writes more information to stdout.

Remote Mode

To use the generator in "remote mode", pins 5 and 7 on connector X03 on the back of the generator have to be bridged. When operating the generator in "remote mode", the local control on the instrument itself is disabled. When using the override key on the back of the generator, the "remote mode" is disabled and "local mode" is enabled. To switch between "remote mode" and "local mode", the X-rays have to be switched off.

Network Setup

The controller of the GeniX generator makes use of the industry standard MODBUS/TCP-protocol for communication with a host computer. By default, the GeniX generator IP-address is set to with netmask, but for use with the mar345dtb system the IP-address with netmask is used. The generator listens on port 502 for incoming connections. It is possible to change the IP-address, via telnet. To do so, connect to the generator via telnet. You may then select to change the IP/Ethernet settings. Usually, it is sufficient to change the IP-address and netmask to fit your local network. The gateway address may be left as is. To save the changes, return to the main menu (R) and select "S" to save. You will be asked for a password. The default password is "USERUSER".


In principle, there are only 3 useful states of operation of the GeniX generator. Either the X-rays are OFF, or they are in low power STANDBY mode or they are in NORMAL OPERATION mode. Hence, from the user interface you select one of the 3 states. Setting the high voltage or current to other than the default values (50 kV, 1.0 mA) is possible, but discouraged. The GUI allows for closing the "FAST" and the "SAFETY" shutter and provides a visual feedback of the current status, together with indications of possible hardware faults.

Terminal or Socket Input

Instead of operating the GUI with the mouse, the program may receive instructions via the keyboard (i.e. on the same command line where the program has been started) or - when operated in TCP/IP-server mode - also via a TCP/IP-socket (e.g. via telnet). See section KEYWORDS for details.


Lines starting with # or ! will be treated as comment lines and will not be processed. In Currently the following keywords are implemented. The mandatory part of the keyword is given in uppercase letters. Keywords or part of keywords in square brackets [ ... ] are optional.
Keywords split up in 3 sections:

Keywords for Program Control

The keywords for program control are: