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marcombine- adds up images in mar345 or marccd format and produces output

files with combined intensities


marcombine [ -h (--help) ] [ -f (--factor) FACTOR ] [ -sc (--scale) SCALE ] [ -b (--back) M ] [ -avg (--average) ] [ -v (--verbose) ] [ -o (--out) NAME ] -a (--add) N -s (--subtract) (file1 file2) | (prefix ffrm lfrm suffix) | (template ffrm lfrm)


marcombine adds up or subtracts images. A multiplaction factor may be applied on input (-sc SCALE) and/or on output (-f FACTOR).


-h, --help
Provides a summary of the options.
-f, --factor FACTOR
Applies multiplication factor FACTOR to all summed pixels on output Default is: 1.0.
-sc, --scale SCALE
Applies multiplication factor SCALE to all pixels in input file. Default is: 1.0.
-avg, --average
Averages summed images. This is equivalent to --factor 1/N. Default is: no averaging, i.e. plain summation.
-a, --add N
Sum up N images in a row. This keyword is mandatory unless using file1 file2.
-s, --subtract
Subtracts file2 from file1.
-b, --back M
After summing up N images, go back M images and sum the next N images. Defaults is: 0.
-v, --verbose
Writes more information to stdout.
(file1 file2) | (prefix ffrm lfrm suffix) | (template ffrm lfrm)
Image name root (prefix), starting and ending image and image suffix. The prefix may contain a directory path. Instead of prefix and suffix, a file name template may be specified with "#" characters specifying the place of incremental image numbers. Alternatively, give 2 filenames. In that case -a 2 is implicit unless -s is given.


marcombine -a 5 xtal 1 10 mar1200
Sums up images xtal_001.mar1200 to xtal_005.mar1200 and xtal_006.mar1200 to xtal_010.mar1200. The 2 resulting output files are named xtal_001:005.mar1200 and xtal_006:010.mar1200.
marcombine -a 5 -b 4 xtal_####.mccd 1 10
Sums up images xtal_0001.mccd to xtal_0005.mccd, xtal_0002.mccd to xtal_0006.mccd, ..., and xtal_0006.mccd to xtal_0010.mccd. The 6 resulting output files are named xtal_0001:0005.mccd, xtal_0002:0006.mccd, ... and xtal_0006:0010.mccd.
marcombine x_001.mar1200 y_001.mar1200
Sums up images x_001.mar1200 and y_001.mar1200. The resulting output file is named x_001+y_001.mar1200.
marcombine -s x_001.mar1200 y_001.mar1200
Subtracts images y_001.mar1200 from x_001.mar1200. The resulting output file is named x_001-y_001.mar1200.

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