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mar345xf - program for transforming mar research spiral files from a

345 mm scanner into Cartesian images


mar345rxf [ -h ] [ -rm ] [ -old ] [ -w ] [ -nb NB_CODE ] [ -e SUFFIX ] [ -sc FAC ] [ -nfrm NFRM ] spiral_root [ ffrm lfrm [SUFFIX] ]


mar345xf is a standalone program for transforming raw spiral images collected on a 345 mm mar research Imaging Plate Detector System into images on a Cartesian grid. The program applies corrections for non-uniform response, etc.


Removes spiral images after transformation. By default, spiral images are retained.
Output format is old 300 mm scanner output (i.e. uncompressed ".image" ). The default is to use "PCK" compression, i.e. about 70 % compression as compared to uncompressed "image" files.
Wait with transformation for next spiral image to become available. The image number will be increased after succesful transformation.
The file name extension "SUFFIX" will be used. By default, extension "s2300" is used.
-sc FAC
Applies a multiplation factor to spiral data.
Uses correction file NB_CODE instead of the defaults ($MARTABLEDIR/mar2300.$MAR_SCANNER_NO or $MARTABLEDIR/mar3450.$MAR_SCANNER_NO).
-nfrm NFRM
A series of NFRM spiral images will be transformed starting with the spiral image spiral_root.
spiral_root [ffrm lfrm [SUFFIX]]
The root name of the spiral files can be entered in 2 ways: or the root name and a three-digit image number, e.g. "xtal_001", or just the root name, e.g. "xtal". In the first case, the optional argument -nfrm NFRM tells the program to transform NFRM spiral images starting with the one given by "spiral_root". In the latter case, two more arguments must be given: the starting ("ffrm") and ending ("lfrm") image number. If the last argument (normally lfrm) is not a number, it will be used as the filename SUFFIX.


mar345xf xtal 1 20
Transform files xtal_001.s2300 to xtal_020.s2300 into xtal_001.mar2300 to xtal_020.mar2300.
mar345xf xtal 1 20 s3450
Transform files xtal_001.s3450 to xtal_020.s3450 into xtal_001.mar3450 to xtal_020.mar3450.
mar345xf -rm -old -nfrm 11 xtal_005 s3450
Transform files xtal_005.s3450 to xtal_015.s3450 into xtal_005.image to xtal_015.image and remove spiral files after transformation.


The following logical names must be assigned:
Location of scanner specific calibration and configuration files.
Serial number of scanner.
Directory where log file will go.

Input Files

The program requires the following input file:
Scanner specific calibration table used for transformation (binary) of images collected with 0.15 mm pixelsize.
Scanner specific calibration table used for transformation (binary) of images collected with 0.10 mm pixelsize.

Output Files

The program produces the following output file:
Log file.

See Also

marView, marTools, mar345_formats,



Claudio Klein, marXperts GmbH, Norderstedt, Germany


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