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mar_images - description of image formats for images collected on a mar research Imaging Plate Detector System.


mar research scanners produce the following image file formats:
spiral images:
Raw data in spiral coordinates. Before using them in any crystallographic program they have to be transformed into a Cartesian coordinate system. During transformation, corrections are applied.
standard mar research ".image" files:
Transformed and corrected uncompressed images. Required disk space is approx. 2.3 MB for an image of 1200x1200 pixels and 8.1 MB for an image of 2000x2000 pixels.
compressed mar research ".pck" files:
Transformed and corrected compressed images. The compression algorithm was kindly provided by Dr. J.P. Abrahams of the LMB in Cambridge, GB. Required disk space is approx. 0.8 MB for an image of 1200x1200 pixels and 2.9 MB for an image of 2000x2000 pixels.

Standard Image Format

Standard image consists of a number of records of fixed size. The actual size of each record depends on the scanning mode: small images (1200x1200 pixels) use 2400 byte records, big images (2000x2000 pixels) use 4000 byte records. One image consists of the following records

The number of pixels with values larger than 65535 is included in the image header record. All image reading routines will try to read the corresponding number of high intensity records if the number in the image header unequals zero.

Compressed Image Format ("pck")

Compressed "pck" image have the following structure:

Spiral Image Format

A spiral image consists of:

Image Header

The image header contains the following entries: 10 32-bit integers, 15 32-bit floats, and a 24 byte string.

The 32-bit integers are:

The 32-bit floats are:

The 24-byte string is:

In spiral images the scanning date is followed by 6 more 32-bit integer values.

If images have been produced using the marControl data collection software, 29 strings follow, each one consisting of 16 bytes (characters). The first 4 strings are:

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